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The theory is damage done to the body is not caused by vibration alone. It has to do with the vibrations in specific ranges of frequency where most damage occurs. The BLX or (Blocks) Blocks these harmful ranges without dampening the feel, vibration and feed back.  You still have the pop and can hit the touch shots and feel the shuttlecock.

Feel-Impact information transferred into the players hand

Feel determines the ability to sense the ball coming off the string bed and better control the shot, and this is what connects the shuttlecock, racquet, and player's hand together.

Technology, Material, and Design are all combined in one to bring you the ultimate feel. BLX


Wilson introduces a new material into their highly respected line: Basalt. Basalt is a natural volcanic rock used in manufacturing and made into fine and ultra fine gold fibers. Basalt fibers are environmentally friendly and superior to other fibers in terms of thermal stability, sound insulation, vibration assistance and durability.

With the new BLX line, Basalt fibers are woven longitudinally with the innovating [K]arophite Black to create the most advanced composite ever in the industry. Players will find the ultimate in frequency reduction while retaining the performance of carbon fiber in terms of lightness, responsiveness, stability and rigidity.

Basalt added into racquets filters out unwanted frequencies (i.e vibrations) that reach the hand to deliver a clean feedback and sensation for the perfect feel players demand!

With this new line, which BLX racquet is right for me?

Wilson has associated each racquet category with the elements of Fire, Water, and Air to give players a better understanding of their racquet choices.

Fire (Player)-Passion, Heat, and precision.
Water (All Around)-Fluid, versatile, and balanced.
Air (Game Improvement)-Light and maneuverable