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Yonex Nanoflare 600 Badminton Racket

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Yonex Nanoflare 600 Badminton Racket

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For players who are concerned about injuries or soreness in their arms and elbows, the NANOFLARE 600 is introduced as a “body-friendly racquet.” A new vibration-absorbing material, VDM (Vibration Dampening Mesh), absorbs more than twice the vibration of normal carbon, and has been integrated extensively on the sides of the frame. In addition, the series signature technology, the Sonic Flare System, produces effortless shuttle speed and further clears, enhanced by the Aero Frame, which greatly reduces air resistance during swing. The NANOFLARE 600 is also the most headlight in the series, further reducing arm fatigue.

The NANOFLARE 600 also pairs perfectly with the new string from Yonex, SKYARC. Developed for players who want to get more distance from their clears, or suffer from arm or elbow problems, SKYARC contains is built with the new material High Sling Fiber, which is highly elastic, in the core to achieve a soft feel and greater distance.

Recommended Strings:
For Hard Hitters: Nanogy 95 String
For Control Players: Skyarc String

Technologies included:

VDM (Vibration Dampening Material)
New material VDM (Vibration Dampening Mesh) with vibration absorption more than twice that of normal carbon is used extensively on the frame sides. Relieves stress on the arm and elbow during hitting, while maintaining performance. 

Super Light
The lightest racquet in the NANOFLARE series. 

Aero Frame
The Aero Frame is both highly aerodynamic, allowing for fast and easy swings, while maintaining a profile that allows the frame to compress on impact with the shuttle, and snap back, much like a trampoline, launching the shuttle from the face of the racquet.

Sonic Flare System
Improved shot speeds by positioning high modulus graphite at the top and bottom of the frame. SUPER HMG graphite utilized at the top of the frame, and a highly strong yet elastic graphite, called TORAYCA® M40X, along the bottom greatly improves the stability of the frame and the repulsion performance of the racquet.

Flex: Hi-Flex
Frame: HM Graphite, M40X, SUPER HMG, VDM
Shaft: HM Graphite
Weight / Grip Size: 4U (Ave.83g) G5
Stringing Advice: 4U 19-27 lbs
Colour: Marine
Made in Japan
Stringing above the manufacturer's recommended stringing tension can severely impact the frame and will void the manufacturer's limited warranty.

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