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Victor Limited Edition Jung Jae Sung Meteor Badminton Racket


Victor Limited Edition Jung Jae Sung Meteor Badminton Racket

The official racket for the Korea National Team!! Improved reinforced hitting power and racket frame stability. The METEOR X series uses the OCTABLADE structure combined with CARBON XT reinforced woven carbon fiber technology to not only provide racket frame stability, but also improve effectiveness in reducing air resistance, attacking power, and added antitorque in the shaft. Strung with the EIGHTY-80 mode and the PEAK WAVES to provide greater frame stability and not only increases the fit of the strings, but also reduces wear and tear for better racket durability.

OCTABLADE -Octablade racket structure utilizes the integration of diamond-shaped structures and its wind breaking characteristics to increase the average frame surface stability by 22%. At the same time, it effectively reduces air resistance during swings, and enhances power and ball control.

CARBON XT-Carbon XT stack of woven carbon fiber-reinforced technology, the X-axis continuous interwoven way to make carbon fiber composite more closely intertwined, forming a strong continuous tension network, more uniform force, significantly film surface to enhance rigidity and resistance to torque, resulting in an unprecedented explosive.

80 LINE HOLE PATTERN-the world's original line of holes 80 model plane will shoot holes 2,5,7,10 point line instead of a threading method, the formation of threading a perfect rectangular mesh. Not only more uniform film lines, but also can improve the situation of friction between the horizontal and vertical lines, stable line of bed pounds, maximum protection film line.

PEAK WAVES-Peak waves enhanced design overhangs and double nail closely to create a vertical stability system, pull poundage loss rate decreased by 7%. Meanwhile, the optimization of line and frame, to extend the life of shot line.

NANO TEC-Nano Tec optimizes the frame structures, upgrading the frame strength and helping the frame retain shape under intensive pressure and high stringing tension.

GRAPHENE REINFORCED is added at T-joint area of METEOR X JJS for torque resistance reinforcement and better stability of the racket frame. Generates better accuracy and handling in order to achieve a great combination of power and control, which pushes performance in smash power and stability of METEOR X series to a new milestone.

Level: SUPER Shaft
Stiffness: Stiff
Balance: Head heavy
Length: 675 mm Weight: 3U(85-89.9g) / 4U(80-84.9g)
Frame Material: Graphene Reinforced + Carbon XT + Nano Resin
Shaft Material:Ultra High Modulus Graphite + Nano Resin + 7.2 SHAFT
Grip size: G2 (Yonex G4)
Model: MeteorXJJS
Shipping Weight: 0.5lbs
Manufactured by: Victor Taiwan
Made in China