How should you string your racket?

A good racket is only as good as it's string.  With the numerous choices of badminton strings available, it can sometimes get hard to choose.  Check out our stringing guide below:

Choosing the right String

Strings are an extremely important part of your racket and choosing the right string and tension is very, very important. It is as important as the racket itself. Take a look at the chart below and choose a string that is more suited for your play. As for the tension, the higher the tension you choose, the harder you will have to swing to get that power. However, higher string tensions give you much more control of the shuttle. So if you are experienced and have the strength, choose a higher string tension. If you are new to the sport, choose a lower string tension.

Badminton Avenue's Recommendation
20lbs - 22lbs.
Intermediate player: 22lbs. - 24 lbs.
Advanced Player: 25lbs and up.

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Higher Tension - More Control
Lower Tension - More Repulsion (Power)


Yonex String Chart