Yonex Astrox 22F Badminton Racket

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Weight: 3F (Avg. 63g)

Color: Black / Lime

Introducing the Yonex Astrox 22F Badminton Racket – a fusion of power, precision, and cutting-edge technology designed to take your game to new heights. Engineered for players who demand excellence, this racket is a game-changer, offering a perfect balance of speed, control, and devastating power.

Key Features:

Astrox Rotational Generator System: Unleash unparalleled power with the innovative Astrox Rotational Generator System. This technology optimizes the weight distribution throughout the racket, enabling lightning-fast swings and devastating smashes. Feel the explosive energy with every shot.

Isometric Head Shape: The Isometric Head Shape expands the sweet spot, providing a larger and more forgiving area for consistent shot accuracy. Experience enhanced control and confidence, whether executing delicate net shots or powerful drives from the baseline.

Namd Graphite Material: The Astrox 22F incorporates Namd graphite into its frame, enhancing the flexibility and snapback speed of the shaft. This results in increased shuttle acceleration and a more dynamic response, giving you the edge over your opponents.

Energy Boost Cap: The Energy Boost Cap not only provides a larger sweet spot but also maximizes shaft performance. This cap design allows for a faster and smoother racket maneuverability, translating into quicker reactions and improved overall playability.

Control Support Cap Plus: Enjoy a comfortable and firm grip with the Control Support Cap Plus. This design not only enhances handling but also reduces air resistance, ensuring your racket becomes an extension of your arm for precise and controlled shots.

Aero+Box Frame: The Aero+Box Frame combines aerodynamics with stability, allowing you to cut through the air with minimal resistance while maintaining control over your shots. Move swiftly across the court and dominate with unparalleled precision.

The Yonex Astrox 22F Badminton Racket is not just a racket; it's a game-changing weapon that elevates your performance to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a passionate amateur, experience the power, control, and precision that define the Astrox series. Elevate your game – choose the Astrox 22F and command the court with authority.

Stringing above the manufacturer's recommended stringing tension can severely impact the frame and will void the manufacturer's limited warranty.

Flex: Medium

Frame: HM Graphite / NANOMETRIC DR / Tungsten

Shaft: HM Graphite / NANOMESH NEO

Weight / Grip: 3F (Avg. 63g) G5

Stringing Advice: 19 - 26 lbs

Color(s): Black / Lime